Australian Business Enterprise Centre (ABEC)

In 2012 small business was identified as a vital contributor to the economy and a healthy and diverse range of small business was recognised to be a critical component.

ABEC is in development of a specialty food and small business incubator incorporating a state of the art training facility specialising in small business development and hospitality services. The Culinary Centre addresses the growing needs of small food manufacturing businesses, small businesses and the increasing demand for a multi-use food and nutrition training facility that can offer a diverse range of accredited and non-accredited food, nutrition and hospitality training programs.

The main drivers of the project are to stimulate the establishment and growth of small businesses including food manufacturing businesses and to encourage partnerships and networking opportunities between other allied services. The multi-use food and nutrition training facility aims to provide opportunities for individuals to develop new skills in a rapidly growing industry and in a supportive and cohesive environment.

ABEC has been one of the largest providers of small to medium sized businesses incubators in Western Australia having managed a network of more than 80 offices, a café, 9 commercial kitchens, 3 training rooms and 2 gymnasiums across Midland, Perth and Ellenbrook with floor areas ranging anywhere between 10sqm – 200sqm.

Unique to Australia and to some degree internationally, ABEC has been the only provider of individually leased small commercial kitchens and the demands for these kitchens are rapidly increasing. The Culinary Centre will provide 25 small to medium sized kitchens and 4-6 medium to large sized offices for emerging new allied food businesses.

The Culinary Centre will provide a range of essential services and opportunities to support:

  • The increasing needs for small food manufacturers and small businesses
  • Job creation in the food and hospitality industry
  • The development of alternative pathways of employment for jobseekers and socially and culturally disadvantaged individuals and families